Welcome to the manual for the employee module.


The start screen is called the dashboard. Here you can see all available options. On the right you will see messages from the system about holidays extra days request and so on.

The buttons shown are based on roles and set location.

The dashboard is intended to easyly navigate to each part of the module. Not that on the top you see three options to the left.

The image shows all the options. If you miss some this can be due to rights.
Default buttons
Manage locations
Configure settings
Request done by internet form
A form and wizard are available to embed in your website. Request are provided here.
Reports and such
Home daycare
A module for the nanny.
Bank accounts
Bank accounts and overviews
Buttons available when a default location is set.
Manage users
Manage users, customers and parents
Manage children
Manage children. You can also manage children from a parent details screen.
Validate hour sheets for parent and Nanny's
Year overview
Manage and generate year overviews.
Planning, plan children and caretakers.
Events, Like days closed, meals and activities.
Different reports for the selected location
Generate and manage invoices
Manage room on the location
Payments for Nanny's
Times open
Manage the times and days the location is open for wich purpose
Buttons for your own use
My agenda
Manage your own agenda
Your invoices
View your own invoices
Manage settings
Manage your own settings
View files
View your communications
Time registration
In and out
Real event
Overview of real times and events
Hour overview
Overview of all hours


Employee hour adminstration

Here you can read on how hour administration is possible in Hai Ho the different choices that can be made. Read guide.