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As a user you can view your own agenda. This will show when to work and what special things there are planned.


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The calendar works like most convetional calendars. Click on a certain day at a certain time and a poop will be show which ask what yu want to plan/schedule.

It's possible that you cannot edit or change items. Most organistation do not allow user to change agenda items that affect planning.
Add agenda item
Contact As normal user you are not allowed to edit items after a certain time. For enxt week no item may be changed after thursday 12:00.

View agenda

You can view your own agenda in different ways. Select an appropiate view for your need.

Agenda per month
Agenda per activities

Edit item

You can edit an item by clicking the edit icon. After changing the item selec change this of from now.

Edit item
An item that has been created without repeting cannot be changed to a repeating event. First delete the event and add a repeating event.

Delete item

To delete use the edit icon and then select delete this or delete from now.

Delete item