In this release a lot of attention for Minor fixes but also a few new features.
  • New screen in which employees can see their status for hours worked per week. There's about to be able to realize this per week an adjustment made in the roundings per month. These can result in more accurate values. Over the year it works out well now.
  • There is also a screen where the position per employee is shown for a specific week.
  • A migration dialog has been added for employees during holidays and closures.
  • The child repeat screen now prompts you to update the sequence or the single schedule. An end date can also be entered to adjust an exact period.
  • On holidays or closed at schools, a custom view will only be shown if all schools have a custom schedule.
  • Performance improvement on child planning screen. Now the exchange days are only requested when the parent opens the request dialog.
  • Name tab in export Overview turnover per childcare type is now based on product.
  • Adjustment in 1 Ratio calculation for 1 to 3 year group.
  • You can now also indicate compensation with holiday requests.
  • New billing engine. For Spread care, direct alternative times for holidays can now also be entered.
  • For Parent App, parent can now only update comments.
In this release a lot of attention is paid to Schools. But also matters for BSO and KDV.
  • With single block in basic planning now also indicator that there is more planning on the day.
  • In group module label added to Location overview.
  • In Group and kiosk module. Also show activity name.
  • When booking hours. Be if the base is actually in ahead of the scheduled hours used.
  • Update for the Toddler Monitor Export.
  • Certificates and rubrics also visible in group module. Also editable if set.
  • Certificates view also added in group module.
  • Salary Scaling now shows only the selected one and 2 before and after.
  • Adjustment for server when using group login for photo app.
  • Bus list expansion now also downloadable list per vehicle.
  • The bus list can now also be emailed and optionally sent once a week via a night job mail.
  • In the new billing module, follow-up products are no longer included in the calculation if there is a direct contract for that day.
A lot of attention for schools in this release. But also things for BSO and KDV.
  • New Collective Labor Agreement for Childcare.
  • We started with a SLO import option.
  • Improvement to emergency list. Now also available via location in Employee Module.
  • Through the kiosk, children and employees can also clock. Security is adjustable.
  • Dialogue for entering extra days or exchange days.
  • Extra days and exchange days get different color in the child's agenda.
  • At the export for the Tax Service, we now also show number of active children per LRK number.
  • fix on bus export to Excel. Time will be shown well now.
  • Batch function for sending Login information to users.
  • Leave school for out -of -school activity.
  • Function for reporting to farm.
  • Automatic clocking in Kiosk
  • Improvement of display free request.
  • Improvement layout for documents and certificates.
  • fix for illness percentage in hours screen employees.
  • Improvement of new invoicing engine for spread hours and blocks.
  • Improvements to the export for toddler monitor.
In this release we have.
  • New report for Group module showing which children are allowed on outings.
  • Option for contracts so that it can be indicated what the discount is for.
  • Only report active rooms to the photo app.
  • New report for Group module showing which children are allowed on outings.
  • Option for contracts so that it can be indicated what the discount is for.
  • Only report active rooms to the photo app.
  • Fix null division in annual statements.
  • Sorting happening state
  • Add progress indication to Mail Chimp sync.
  • Configuration for start and end notifications in group module.
  • Fix mail subject upon approval of leave.
  • New report for checking hours for child and employee per week.
  • Request exchange day will be displayed with extra day requests.
  • Schedule can also show scheduled children
  • Find options for parents who do not receive an annual statement
  • Color for BSO children who start during certain hours.
  • Fix navigation per week to last year.
  • Fix font in day report
  • Multiple templates can be used for different purposes.
  • New financial and planning dashboard.
  • GGD incident report. You can now make an export of the incident in a period. details.
  • Compensation can now also be calculated for temporary invoices.
  • Sort children in school view
  • Sort for roles. (You can now specify sorting for roles)
  • Fix for annual statement Gastouder. Hours made in year.
  • Employees who are also older will only be able to see them when the child is home.
  • Add view to School module for diary child.
  • Do not leave private items when emailing day overview..
  • Overview made for children's diary.
  • In group module text at status button.
  • You can now keep a diary in student module.
  • Subjects can be filtered
  • A student can enter a week from which it can be edited.
  • Improvement in Holiday reservation change and plan product.
  • Possibility of multiple sepa files for direct debits to multiple account numbers.
  • Line buttons group module thicker.
  • Download photo in dialogue is now button at the bottom.
  • Exchange days per location in overview.
  • Bcc will only be sent first to the email address.
  • Edit photo has been made clearer using checkmark all children of group.
  • Annual statement of the childminder now also takes the LRK number into account.
  • When a new childminder location is created, it is now also linked to the user who creates it.
  • Planning for vacation is now based on product.
  • In group module an overview is now available for mento children.
  • In the group module a legend is now available for explanation information.
  • Bcc and cc function in mail fixed for children and users.
  • Adjustment in processing holiday planning. This can now be turned off for certain products.
  • Separate page for settings for Group module
  • Clean up old data on server.
  • The extra days are marked in the schedule.
  • The exchange days are marked in the planning.
  • Fixed error for extra days requests for region event that are only linked to the location.
  • Fixed performance issue when saving/requesting images.
  • Fixed bug in child module when downloading courses.
  • Child can no longer change past.
  • Information for course also in course view.
  • Also display time with product based on version price.
  • In the school module, planned subjects are now directly displayed in room blocks.
  • Thumbnails in managing photos now have a timestamp so that they are properly displayed by the browser when they are rotated.
  • If a child has a contract change mid-month, no error message about scheduling out of contract will be displayed.
  • The text for planning outside the contract now also shows the date with the information whether it is before or after contract period.
  • At regional holiday event, this is now also used for extra day request.
  • Requesting an extra block for a child who has VSO on a study day is now also possible.
  • When reporting sick, better report button, move and edit planning dialog works again.
  • Extra field under employee to adjust the office organization ID.
  • When updating or entering a password, there must be no space and at the beginning.
  • The processing of half-days has been improved when reporting sick. Now this is also possible in the past. In the future, you can only report sick for whole days.
  • In the school module the time can now also be adjusted.
  • In the school module you can also be shown a box view for the entire location.
  • In the school module, times are shown if and no title has been entered.
  • In sick reports, the label has been changed to up to and including. And fixed the sorting on the schedule on display.
  • Fix for false positive at the end of the contract halfway through the month.
  • Duplicate times are now filtered in vacation request if they are equal.
  • Change in template. Has now been fixed link insert change. A file can now be selected from files.
  • Upload file was incorrectly shown when editing html templates.
  • In the Select link or image dialog, the tree is now expanded by default.
  • For school planning week planning visible in planning. View only and delete all day.
  • Create and edit the internal note in School module.
  • In School module view for selecting Subject and time.
  • Send In Chat message to whole group from Group or School module.
Internal improvements.
  • With tax report, warning data such as citizen service number (BSN) for paying parent or partner is now also included is used. But also if Bsn is used with partner and paying parent.
Internal improvements.
Small improvements.
  • Date Picker in Group Module for easy navigation.
  • Download image button in parent portal
  • Improvement for daily report and documentation updated.
  • Removed in day overview at older scope button from images as well as double date.
  • Fix when uploading old photos if date cannot be changed. Then now always becomes the current date.
  • For export/delivery to tax, the information from the analysis is now extracted from the invoices. With an invoice it is now clear how this affects the annual statement. This will result in a predictable submission to the tax authorities.
  • A child's age is now placed before the name in the horizontal planning.
Small improvements.
  • Fix for Employee in Child Planning When Planning is closed on location.
  • Salaris Scalen CAO Kinderopvang
  • Preparations for Mail Chimp Integration
  • Fix voor Loket NL
  • Fix voor ruildagen als planning na vakantie ligt
  • Verloop termijn Sign request Default op 180 dagen
  • Mail Hours for employees
  • For supported devices added direct capture form camara in web based group module
Small improvements.
  • Fix voor foutieve weergave opleidingen
  • Displaying a user can be arranged by location.
  • When using the portal on a phone the events page will be displays default in day list view.
  • Cleaning of old data.details.
Small improvements.
  • Team is now a button and page.
  • New option to convert fiscal partner to user that can login. Read details.
Small improvement in Child Tracking Module.
  • Solved bug that cause Next to be not enabled when using Child Tracking Module in Group Module.
  • New option for showing the team in the parent portal. Read details.
  • Kijk export. details.